Mother Genetics

Author: Enrique Daniel Austin-Ward

While I was thinking about how to write this brief article, I was looking for the most appropriate sequence of arguments to make my way to justification and acceptance in the consciences, but I ended up deciding to go to the point and simply say: “everything starts from Genetics”. And, “Genetics is at the starting point of all intelligent and well-reasoned clinical practice” …. or at least, it should be. And I am convinced that it certainly will be.
Although this is not a need for affirmation and self-convincement, and a statement of this caliber might at first be misplaced because of its possible self-centeredness and apparent lack of humility, nothing could be further from our real intention.

The purpose of this paper is to show that we have been witnessing, for a couple of decades now, an unavoidable and urgent paradigm shift in the understanding of the health-disease balance, and that this is not an arbitrary statement, but is based on the robust logic of the literature and scientific evidence. Therefore, this paradigm shift requires special attention so that changes in the understanding of the origin of diseases occur more effectively, as we know that modern science advances rapidly, testing our ability to adapt quickly to all these changes.
Along with technical changes, which are the easiest to perceive, there are changes in paradigms or models of thought, which often occur more silently and require changes in health care structures and models that are more difficult to implement, due to the complexity of daily life, and the need for re-education. This means that changes in habits and ways of thinking are required.